Abu Dhabi Municipality upgrades 20 parks to satisfy the requirements for the World Disability Reunion Award

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has completed a comprehensive project that sought to upgrade 20 parks in Abu Dhabi.

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and its surrounding areas to meet the standards of the World Disability Reunion Award as well as the needs and requirements of People of Determination, including enhancing the services, public facilities, and preparations so that they may take advantage of the amenities of those Parks in accordance with the highest international standards.

This project is a component of a larger initiative that aims to offer the best services and amenities to all societal groups and classes, giving People of Determination the care and support they need to realise their goals and engage with society, instilling awareness, tolerance, respect, and communication among all members of the community.

Old Airport Park, Old Post Park, Parks No. 1, 2, 4, and 5, Al Saja Park, Alboom, The Family, Albuhaira, Alshahama Park, Albahia, Almarasi, Aljadaf, Alrahba, South Yas Gates Park, Alkhatm Park, Aljoury Park, Khalifa Square, and Radban Park are among the parks listed by the municipality.

The Municipality guarantees that one of its primary initiatives includes adapting various infrastructure projects, park and entertainment area projects, and park and recreational area projects to the needs of People of Determination.

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