Get a driving licence in Dubai right away without any training thanks to the "Golden Chance" programme

Under the new "Golden Chance" programme, Dubai is pushing expats to obtain a UAE driving licence without going through the drawn-out procedure of taking driving lessons.

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On its social media pages, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) proclaimed: "This is your Golden Chance to apply for a new driving licence without taking driving lessons."

"This feature is available for individuals with a valid foreign licence from countries that are not eligible for an exchange," the RTA stated.

The transport authority made it clear that this service is offered to those with legitimate foreign driver's licences from nations that are not permitted to exchange driving licences. Through the RTA website or by going to the closest driving school in Dubai, one may apply for the service at the same time as registering for a new driving licence.

All qualified foreigners, according to the RTA, may apply for the Golden Chance scheme: Driving Licence.

Additionally, it said that the applicant must ace both the theoretical and road portions of the RTA driving exams in one sitting.

The candidate will also be told to enrol in the regular driving schools and complete the theory and driving training if they fail the Golden Chance test.

The recommended driving school will determine how much the Golden Chance exams will cost. Between Dhs1,500 and Dhs2,500 is reportedly what can be expected for the complete service, which includes filing a file, taking the driving test and receiving the licence.

Gulf Today stated in January 2023 that, as opposed to 24 countries that accept the UAE driving licence upon visitation, the UAE Ministry of the Interior has identified 25 countries where citizens may exchange their UAE driving licence when residing there.

In addition to the Republic of South Korea, a number of other nations, such as Estonia, Albania, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Iceland, Montenegro, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, and China, are only able to accept the UAE driver's licence as identification when they visit.

In the same vein, the licenced service's data, which was made available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, listed 43 different nationalities whose residents can legally operate a car in the United Arab Emirates while visiting from their home country.

The service has recognised 44 countries whose citizens, upon meeting certain requirements, may exchange their national licence for an Emirati licence in the event of residency.

According to the licenced service page on the ministry's website, recognition of a foreign driving licence denotes the use of national driving licences in the UAE for purposes other than residency, while replacement denotes the exchange of the national driving licence for a UAE driving licence during residency.

The requirements for using a foreign driver's licence and operating a car on the nation's roadways include:

The licence needs to be current.

Entry into the nation is being sought for a reason other than residence.

To exchange a foreign driver's licence for an Emirati one, you must meet the following requirements:

to be one of the nations where a driver's licence can be exchanged.

to possess a current resident permit.

Its owner's national licence must be perpetual and in good standing.

completing the necessary paperwork, passing a medical exam, and exchanging driving licences.

meeting the legal age requirement in compliance with UAE laws and regulations.

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