Jordan sends a wanted terrorist to the UAE

The Jordanian government has handed over a terrorist by the name of Khalaf Abd Al Rahman Humaid Al Rumaithi to the UAE.

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In Case No. 79/2012, the Federal Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates ruled against him and others, sentencing him in absentia to 15 years in prison for allegedly founding a covert organisation linked to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood with the intention of undermining the fundamental tenets of the UAE government.

The terrorist was turned over in accordance with the arrest warrant that had been issued for him and the agreements reached on legal and judicial cooperation by the Arab Interior Ministers' Council, which is in charge of bringing criminals who have eluded justice in Arab nations to justice.

Khalaf Al-Rumaithi will be tried again in accordance with the legal provisions of the UAE Criminal Procedural Law, which state that if an accused person is arrested for whom a judgement was rendered in absentia or he turns himself in, he will be tried again on the same charges.

The UAE affirms that it will continue to uphold its sovereignty, stability, and residents' safety and security, and that it won't hold back in pursuing those who are wanted for justice and prosecuting them in accordance with the law.

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