new options in UAE for distributing driver's licences and registration cards for vehicles

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has announced the launch of new services for the distribution of driving permits and vehicle registration cards.

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With the new service, driving permits and vehicle registration cards can be sent within Dubai in two hours and to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the same day. Consignments can now be forwarded to clients worldwide through a new service.

RTA wants to increase customer satisfaction and maintain the progress made in helping drivers who are renewing their licences, registering their vehicles, replacing cards that have been damaged or lost, or applying for overseas driving permits.

Services Statistics for Delivery

RTA processed 134,640 transactions in the first three months of this year, including 107,054 transactions for renewing vehicles, 25,500 transactions for renewing licences, and 939 transactions for restoring damaged or missing licences. Along with the granting of 732 international driver's licences and the replacement of 415 damaged or lost vehicle registration cards.

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