Dubai and Sharjah - reduce travel time by 60% : RTA

In Al Qusais Industrial Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, RTA plans to develop internal roads and work on lighting. A total of 32 new roads of 10 kilometres in length will be built as part of the project, and 43 kilometres worth of street lighting will also be installed.

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After the project is finished, it is anticipated that the road's capacity will increase by 200%, allowing 1,500 vehicles—up from 500—to pass through in both directions per hour. Additionally, a 60% reduction in travel time is anticipated.

The internal roadways project is a part of RTA's efforts to improve the infrastructure of residential and commercial areas, including roads, streetlights, and rainwater drainage systems, said Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA.

Al Qusais Industrial Areas are now served by four major streets: Amman Street, Beirut Street, Halab Street, and Damascus Street. The project will improve connectivity of these areas as well.

It enhances the entrances and exits for 25 homes, commerce, and educational zones, along with 320 workplaces. There are thought to be 60,000 people living there.

Al Tayer added that the RTA is presently constructing internal roads and lighting in four residential communities—Margham, Lehbab, Al Lisaili, and Hatta—covering a total distance of around 37 km (21 km of new roads and 16 km of existing streets).

#RTA has awarded a contract for constructing internal roads and lighting works in Al Qusais Industrial Area 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The project encompasses the construction of 32 roads spanning 10 km, and streetlights stretching approximately 43 km.

— RTA (@rta_dubai) April 30, 2023

By the end of this year, the project is anticipated to be finished. The internal roadways project in Margham involves building 8 km of roads along the Dubai-Al Ain Road, close to Skydive Dubai, as well as supporting infrastructure such streetlights and rainfall drainage systems.

More than 1,100 neighbourhood inhabitants are served by the project.

Lehbab road projects

As part of the internal roadways project in Lehbab, 4 km of new roads are being built, in addition to work on streetlights and rainwater drainage.

The project's scope includes lighting improvements on the 2 km of existing streets that run alongside the Lehbab Camels Race Track along the Dubai-Hatta Road.

The project enhances the connection between the residential area under construction and the road network and provides services to around 3,000 households.

travel between Dubai and Sharjah
travel between Dubai and Sharjah

roads being built in Al Lisaili

The project entails building roads in Al Lisaili that are about 7 km long and illuminating the 14 km of existing roads in Saih Assalam close to the Last Exit and Al Qudra Lake.

The project improves the area's access and departure points while serving around 2,900 residents.

Hatta road projects

In addition to streetlighting and rainfall drainage work, the project calls for building 2 km of roadways in Hatta, notably in Sa'aeer, Al Salami, and Suhaila.

The project enhances the access and departure points as well as the connectivity of the residential community under construction with the road network, and it serves around 6,000 residents.

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