Tropical storm in the Arabian Sea to become a depression in the next 12 hours

Once an air depression, it will eventually dissipate as it advances towards the north-northeast.

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Within the next 12 hours, the "tropical storm" in the Arabian Sea along the Indian and Pakistani coasts is expected to deteriorate into a tropical depression, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

As it advances towards the north-northeast, it will change into an air depression before fading. Around the storm's centre, winds are predicted to gust as high as 60 km/h, with a movement speed of 12 km/h.

The Arabian Sea is currently under a "tropical storm" status and is positioned close to the Indian and Pakistani shores at latitude 23.5 north and longitude 69.9 east, according to the centre. Around the storm's centre, cumulus clouds are present, and rainfall is expected. Wind speeds are forecast to reach between 65 and 75 km/h. It is verified, however, that the storm won't have any effect on the nation.

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