UAE announces new traffic offences with up to Dh2,000 in fines

In the UAE, new traffic fines of up to 2,000 Dh have been imposed. According to a tweet from the interior ministry, the "new additions" are meant to increase safety, particularly in cases of emergency including inclement weather.

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New penalties include:

  • There is a Dh1,000 punishment and six black points for congregating in valleys, flooded areas, and dams when it is raining.
  • No matter how dangerous the situation, entering flooded valleys will result in a Dh2,000 fine, 23 black points, and the confiscation of cars for 60 days.
  • Interfering with the ability of the appropriate authorities to control traffic, or ambulances and rescue vehicles during emergencies, crises, and catastrophes, as well as in flooded valleys: Dh1,000 fine, four points, and 60-day vehicle confiscation

Residents frequently travel to mountainous regions to take advantage of the lovely weather when rainstorms hit the nation. However, such alerts have been given in the past to emphasise how rapidly floodwaters may engulf low-lying regions.

Authorities in the UAE frequently issue warnings to citizens telling them to avoid valleys and dams when the weather is unsteady. When it rains a lot, water rushes down the slopes and rapidly floods the valleys.

The risk of vehicles drifting is another constant warning given to drivers to stay away from crossing valleys during rain. With these new regulations and penalties, it is now forbidden for locals and visitors to travel to flood-prone areas when it is raining.

People have frequently found themselves stuck amid heavy rain. When storms pounded the country's east last year, numerous emergency response teams had to work round-the-clock to save hundreds of lives.

According to the ministry, the changes to the traffic law are meant to "reinforce current practises and emphasise the value of following directions and safety requirements."

The Federal Traffic Council's Brig-Gen Engineer Hussein Al Harthi stated that, "despite the danger level," it is forbidden to enter valleys during rain.

These changes are made in conjunction with other key and essential articles of the law that exhort all road users, including cars and pedestrians, to use extreme caution when the weather is inclement. Drivers must not risk their own or others' lives. They must obey traffic laws, signs, and signals, follow police officers' directions, stay in their allotted lanes, and pay attention to emergency orders from emergency professionals such as police, traffic, civil defence, emergency, and crisis management staff. Road users must also refrain from hurting, impeding, or upsetting other people, the official continued.

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