UAE won't be impacted by the Biparjoy cyclone

The UAE will not be impacted by the tropical condition in the southern Arabian Sea, according to the National Centre of Meteorology's classification of Biparjoy as a category 1 (CAT 1) cyclone on Wednesday.

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In a statement released today, the NCM provided some details about the present situation: "A tropical cyclone Cat.1 is centred south of the Arabian Sea at latitude 13.1 north and longitude 66.4. There is a formation of rainy convective clouds surrounding the depression, and the wind speed around the depression is between 120 and 130 km/h.

According to the centre, where wind speeds "range between 130 and 145 km/hr around the centre and the tropical cyclone's moving speed is 5 km/hr," the tropical cyclone Cat. 1 "is expected to continue with the same strength in the next 24 hours," the Arabian Sea.

"During the next five days, there will be no effect on the country," said NCM.

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