Working in the UAE requires a residence visa

Three scenarios exist for obtaining a work visa: normal work visa, green work visa, and domestic worker visa. Employees in the public and private sectors are granted the regular work visa. For a period of five years, skilled workers are granted the green visa. For domestic assistants, the final category of visas is issued.

What is the Green Visa for the UAE?

A resident visa known as a "Green visa" in the UAE enables its bearer to sponsor themselves for a period of five years, obviating the need for a sponsor who is a citizen or employer of the UAE.

Green Visa for the UAE
Green Visa for the UAE

Who may submit a Green visa application?

A Green visa can be applied for by skilled workers, independent contractors, and freelancers.

1-People who are self-employed or freelancers

Self-employed individuals who intend to apply for a Green visa must provide:

  • a permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization to work independently
  • evidence of a specialised certification or a bachelor's degree
  • Evidence of self-employment income for the past two years totaling at least AED 360,000 is required, as is proof of ongoing financial stability.

2 skilled workers

Skilled workers who wish to apply for a Green visa must:

  • own a valid employment contract fall within the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's first, second, or third occupational level
  • possess a bachelor's degree or its equivalent as a minimum
  • having a monthly salary of at least 15,000 AED.

Extend the visa

When the visa expires, it can be renewed for the same period.

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