Al Qemzi claims that Team Abu Dhabi is a three-time global champion

In an effort to defend his title with Team Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi driver Shaun Torrente is prepared to compete in the UIM F1H2O World Championship in China. Torrente, who twice won the China Grand Prix in 2018 and 2019, is motivated to go over his Indonesian first-round loss. Although Torrente had won the water race, he was fined for a jump start, which gave the victory to Bartek Marszalek of Poland.

One race at a time, Torrente is aiming to regain the lead in the standings. The three-time UIM F2 champion Rashed Al Qemzi, along with the rest of his team, are certain to be prepared for the China Grand Prix. Al Qemzi succeeds his cousin Thani Al Qemzi, who is unable to compete.

Torrente is of the opinion that Al Qemzi, a naturally self-assured competitor, has the ability and speed to win the race, providing he gains the necessary experience. The team's main priorities are finishing all of the laps and modifying the boat to fit Al Qemzi's size and driving manner.

Sami Selio of Sharjah Team is in second place with 15 points, followed by Erik Stark of Victory Team with 12 points, in the UIM F1H2O World Championship, which is presently being won by Bartek Marszalek of Stromoy Racing. The China Grand Prix is expected to be a thrilling competition as drivers compete for first place and the chance to win the championship.

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