Applications for Schengen visas from citizens of these 10 nations were denied the most frequently in 2022

With 179,409 visas not issued and a 45.8% overall rate of uniform visas not issued, Algerian citizens received the highest Schengen visa application rejections in 2022.

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According to Schengen Statistics, applicants from India and Turkey came in second and third, respectively, with 121,188 and 120,876 visa rejections, while the overall rejection rate was 18 and 15.2%, according to

Morocco and Russia, which had 119,346 and 68,753 visa applications rejected, respectively, round out the top 10 nations with the highest Schengen visa rejection rates for 2022. Additionally, the two countries' respective not-issued rates for uniform visas were 15.5 and 28.2.

With 48,909 total visa applications rejected, the African nation of Tunisia likewise has a high percentage of visa denials (29%), which is higher than that of the United Arab Emirates (42,105).

Nigeria, Iran, and Egypt are the final three nations with the highest rejection rate, each having had almost 30,000 applications turned down. More specifically, 39,189 Nigerian applicants' visa requests were denied, followed by 33,679 Iranian applicants and another 31,271 Egyptian applicants.

Number of Schengen Visa Applications Received Rejected by the Member States in 2022
Number of Schengen Visa Applications Received Rejected by the Member States in 2022

Nigeria had the second-highest rate of all the ten nations with the most visas rejected, only behind Algeria, but visa rejection rates varied per nation. This indicates that 45.1% of all Schengen visa applications submitted by Nigerian applicants were turned down, compared to 23.7% of Iranian applicants and 18.6% of Egyptian applicants.

The rate of visa denials has generally increased in 2022, with Algerians once again being particularly affected. For Algerian applicants, the rejection rate in 2021 was 32%; however, it increased to 45.8% the following year. Turkey, on the other hand, had a decrease in visa rejections, from 16.9% to 15.5%.

The top 10 countries with the highest rejection rates had spent €64 million on a total of 804,725 denied visa applications, but in 2021, the cost was considerably lower at 237,041 applications, or €18.9 million.

While Turkiye spent the most on Schengen visa requests that were rejected in 2021, Algeria saw a similar situation this year, with steadily rising costs.

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