UAE jobs: New government collaboration could hire more Filipinos; most in-demand field revealed

According to a senior government official in Manila, more specialists from the Philippines may be flown to the UAE to meet a need in a certain industry.

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The UAE is in need of additional healthcare professionals, according to Susan Ople, secretary of the Philippine government's Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). The UAE is well-known for hiring Filipinos for these positions.

According to a local media source citing Ople, the UAE is considering hiring these professionals through a government-to-government arrangement to avoid charging placement fees to job searchers.

A business-to-business route for Filipino entrepreneurs looking to connect with companies in Dubai and other regions of the country is something else the Emirates is interested in, the official said. This is in addition to the recruitment plan.

More overseas employees being empowered is something the Philippine government has been focusing on. The DMW and the Department of Trade and Industry recently struck an agreement that can assist Filipino expats in starting enterprises with their relatives back home.

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