UAE: The Ministry of Community Development informed Saif bin Zayed on its new plan

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Lt. General H.H. Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, received a briefing on the Ministry of Community Development's new approach.

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The strategy's goal is to strengthen the stability and togetherness of the Emirati family by offering programmes and services that are in line with the directives of the UAE government and the vision of the wise leadership for local development. The community in the UAE is to have a better quality of life.

At the time, Sheikh Saif was touring the Ministry of Community He had a meeting with Minister of Community Development Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrouei during his visit. She outlined the Ministry's goals and priorities for the upcoming phase, highlighting the projects and services that are most important for promoting social development.

These programmes are founded on the values and principles the Ministry has accepted, demonstrating its adherence to their wise leadership's directives and the significance of the family in achieving community development.

During his visit to the Ministry, Sheikh Saif took part in the discussion on "Emirati Family Values."

The gathering was a part of the "Meeting Across Generations" project, which seeks to improve social ties and increase the cohesiveness and togetherness of the Emirati family. This initiative also emphasises upholding Emirati ideals and providing the means for future generations to do the same.

The "Emirati Family Values" session is an illustration of the unified and cohesive Emirati family, whose sustainability and stability come from the house and the family unit. The UAE places a high priority on fostering social relationships within the framework of the Emirati family, highlighting the interdependence and unity of every member of the family and society at large. This strategy strives to strengthen historical roots, maintain national elements and accomplishments, and give the nation's youth and future generations a clear vision.

A platform for enduring community contact and discussion is provided through the "Meeting Across Generations" programme. It combines the experience of specialists and advisors with the knowledge of elderly people as well as the hopes and dreams of young people and future generations.

Community issues are addressed through this platform in order to ensure sustainable development across all sectors and serve all facets of society. In addition to promoting knowledge and experience transfer to young, the programme aims to build and strengthen moral and cultural principles, stimulate senior persons' active involvement and innovation, and thereby assert their valuable place in society.

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