UAE: Use this easy trick to avoid Emirates ID and visa penalties

There are significant penalties for not renewing or updating these documents on time.

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U.A.E. - The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (UAEICP) has posted a video to its official Twitter account to help citizens remember when their identification credentials will expire.

The UAE Identity and Citizenship Protection Authority (UAEICP) oversees matters related to customs and national identification, thus it's important for residents to know whether or not their passports and visas are still valid. It's important to renew or update these documents on time to avoid paying fines and dealing with red tape.

The video shows you exactly how to enable the app's notifications function on your mobile device. Those who opt in to receive alerts can remain vigilant and avoid fines.

The procedure is simple for Apple users. They can enable push notifications for the UAEICP mobile app by going to the 'Notifications' section of their iPhone's settings and selecting it from the list. There, customers can set up alerts to be reminded of when important documents need to be renewed.

By navigating to their device's preferences, Android users may also take advantage of this helpful function. They can enable notifications and receive crucial reminders about when to submit their official documents by selecting the 'Notifications' option and selecting the UAEICP mobile application.

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