Dubai Police Evaluate Fleet with New McLaren Artura Supercar

The McLaren Artura supercar has been added to the collection of Dubai Police, augmenting its capabilities. This cutting-edge police car has excellent driving performance in addition to a stylish appearance.

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Speed Redefined

With a top speed of 330 mph and a three-second zero-to-100 mph acceleration time, the Artura solidifies its place among the quickest supercars on the market. Its reputation as the most fuel-efficient McLaren ever produced—with a carbon dioxide emission rate of just 104 g/km—makes it even more stunning.

Hybrid Marvel

The Artura is a plug-in hybrid ultra-light vehicle, seamlessly transitioning between petrol and electric power. When these fuel sources unite, the car unleashes a formidable 680 horsepower. This power-packed performance is made possible by the V6 twin-turbocharged petrol engine, an eight-speed transmission, and a compact electric motor, all integrated into the innovative McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture.

Partnership Accelerating Excellence

The strategic alliance between Dubai Police and McLaren Dubai produced this swift addition to the Dubai Police fleet. Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, highlighted how the McLaren Artura complements their dedication to implementing cutting-edge technologies to ensure public safety.

Applauding Collaboration

Juma Khalifa Al Nabooda, a board member of the Al Nabooda Group of Companies, which includes McLaren Dubai, lauded the collaboration with Dubai Police. The synergy between these entities underscores a shared dedication to excellence and innovation.

Legacy of Distinction

The McLaren Artura joins an illustrious lineup of impressive vehicles in Dubai Police's world-renowned fleet. This addition not only enhances the force's capabilities but also exemplifies their ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in law enforcement vehicles. As the McLaren Artura hits the streets, Dubai Police reinforces its reputation for blending style with substance in the pursuit of public safety.

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