Dubai replaces more than 14,000 road lights with greener options

More environmentally friendly lighting has taken the place of more than 14,000 of the existing lights along Dubai's highways.

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At least 39 tunnels and overpasses were upgraded, and 22.6 kilometres of road were illuminated.

As part of its commitment to promote a clean environment, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the installation of 14,400 LED lights on Wednesday.

39 tunnels' lighting was recently updated by RTA. According to Maitha bin Adai, chief executive of the RTA's Traffic and Roads Agency, this six-month project involved several of Dubai's well-known tunnels, including the airport tunnel, Shindagha tunnel, Dubai Mall tunnel, and Dubai World Trade Centre tunnel.

The project installs new, environmentally friendly illumination at nighttime road crossings and tunnel lighting units.

"LED lighting units have a number of environmentally beneficial qualities, including utilising 60% less energy than conventional lighting units and providing an improved lifespan of up to 177% when compared to previous lights.

"The new lights' 50,000-hour lifespan, compared to standard lighting units' 18,000-hour lifespan, minimises the need for replacements and lowers maintenance and operating costs.

Additionally, there is a 20% reduction in energy loss and heat emissions when compared to standard lights, improving the effectiveness of both the lighting operating system for the units and the energy supply network for the tunnels, according to Mr. Bin Adai.

The authority stated that as new technology is deployed, the emirate's street lighting systems would continue to advance.

According to the RTA announcement, the newly installed units do not contain mercury or other environmentally dangerous substances that are present in conventional lights.

When selecting the new bulbs, factors like luminance and tone were taken into account.

"When installing the new lighting units, RTA carefully assessed the degree of brightness and colour clarity in Dubai's tunnels to ensure road users had the best visibility possible, ultimately improving traffic safety.

The lighting quality is improved because the LED lighting units provide 6,000 lumens of illumination as opposed to earlier lamps' 4,000 lumens.

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