In the UAE, a single illegal overtaking infringement can result in a fine of up to $818

Here are three infractions and punishments in the UAE that you may not be aware of.

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Tuesday saw the beginning of a campaign by the Ajman Police to stop unauthorised overtaking, a major traffic infraction that carries substantial fines.

The police warned that drivers who were caught inappropriately overtaking would face fines of up to Dh3,000, a one-year driving licence suspension, and black points depending on the incident.

The authorities highlighted three improper overtaking behaviours that could result in a driver being penalised as part of their awareness campaign:

Punishment: a $1,000 fine and six black points

Penalty: 600 DH in fines and 6 black points

Penalty: 3,000 Dh fine and one-year loss of driving privileges
enhancing traffic safety

The "No to Wrong Overtaking" awareness campaign, which is running through June, is a component of the Ministry of Interior's initiatives to improve road safety throughout the Emirates.

The director of the Traffic and Patrols Department, Major Al Falasi, emphasised that breaking the regulations of overtaking poses major risks that could endanger lives.

The new campaign emphasises how crucial it is to always abide by traffic laws.

Speed restrictions and other laws that have been put in place to reduce traffic accidents are to be followed by drivers on both internal and exterior roadways.

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