UAE: Midday break ends and working hours resume to normal

The prohibition prohibited employees from working in open areas or in direct sunlight from 12:30 to 3:00 pm every day.

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This year's midday work prohibition in the UAE, which went into force on June 15, concluded on September 15.

Employees will now return to their regular work schedules, which will resemble those from before the busiest summer months.

Is there a midday break?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) declared that working hours should not surpass eight hours during the months of the restriction, which led to the imposition of the ban. If an employee works more than eight hours a day, they would be paid overtime. As an example, the additional time would be considered overtime.

Furthermore, it was mandatory for companies to furnish a shady spot for employees to take a break and relax.

Employee well-being

The annual relocation is done with the safety and well-being of the workforce in mind. Through this programme, they are shielded from heat exhaustion, sunstroke, and other health hazards associated with intense heat.

Penalties and exclusions

An employer who does not comply will be fined Dh5,000 for every worker. In cases when many people were forced to work during the prohibited hours, the maximum fine was Dh50,000.

Certain jobs were excluded, in which case companies had to supply enough cold water for employees to drink. They also had to supply foods that are hydrating, like salts and/or other foods that have been allowed by the UAE authorities locally.

In order to ensure worker safety, first aid, sufficient industrial cooling, and umbrellas have to be provided on the job site.

Inspections by authorities

Between June 15 and August 17, the ministry carried out over 67,000 inspection visits to establishments. Additionally, it had encouraged community involvement by requesting that workers and residents report any infractions to the appropriate authorities.

Successful outcomes

Merely 59 of the 130 workers who were implicated in the violations during this year's midday break effort, according to MoHRE, have been found.

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