Dubai enforces tighter traffic laws against reckless drivers ; driving schools to caution new drivers

Following the legislative changes, driving schools in Dubai will place greater focus on additional training and warnings to new drivers about the risks of running red lights and dangerous driving.

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Starting on July 6, drivers who commit significant offences including running a red light or reckless driving will have to pay a Dh50,000 fine in order to get their cars back.

"We are aware that reckless driving and running red lights are two of the most hazardous traffic infractions that a driver may commit. We take care to educate our pupils on the risks associated with these behaviours because of this. Our instructors give thorough instruction as well as cautions regarding the penalties and repercussions that may be imposed. According to Sameer Agha, head of marketing at Galadari Motor Driving Centre, "We underline the possible threats to both the safety of our pupils and those of other drivers on the road.

Sameer Agha
Sameer Agha

For seatbelt and road safety awareness campaigns, driving schools also involve organisations and community members including students at local schools and universities. Driving schools claim that the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai, will change the curriculum as needed.

We are devoted to adapting to new legislation as we go along and promoting driving safety at intersections and signals. We think it's crucial to give our pupils the information and abilities they need to go safely in these locations. The head of marketing at Galadari Motor Driving Centre stated, "Our mission is to make sure that our students are well-prepared and outfitted to drive properly, emphasising safety at all times.

Agha continued by saying that they offer thorough instruction in both the theoretical and practical facets of driving to make sure pupils are equipped to cross intersections safely and avoid collisions.

Increased fines for moving offences, according to Sameer Agha, will discourage motorists from breaching the law and make them less prone to take chances, which will lower the frequency of collisions and injuries on the roadways.

"We offer two specialised courses that specifically address safety concerns: a defensive driving course designed to improve students' skills and promote road safety, as well as a refresher driving course to ensure that knowledge is retained," the instructor continued.

Increased fines can successfully deter drivers and encourage road user safety, according to Taleb Mahmoud, Emirates Driving Institute's head of training and operations.

It may foster a higher sense of accountability and promote adherence to traffic regulations. Driving safety at intersections and signals will likely receive more attention. Reiterating the significance of observing traffic regulations and being cautious at crossroads will help decrease accidents and enhance overall road safety, he said. These regions frequently provide substantial obstacles.

Mahmoud also said that the Institute would start significant public awareness programmes to inform drivers and other road users of the value of obeying the law, to emphasise the potential penalties for breaking it, and to encourage safe driving habits.

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